Marsy's Law

“The core of this constitutional amendment is to strengthen the rights of victims in our criminal justice system. If approved by voters this fall, the constitutional amendment proposed in H.B. 551 would expand the rights of victims of crime and their families in the North Carolina justice system. It was approved in the NC House by a bipartisan concurrence vote of 107-9, and would amend the state constitution and expand the offenses that trigger victims’ rights. If approved by voters, it would guarantee victims the right to receive timely notice of court proceedings and to be heard at plea, conviction, sentencing, or adjudication hearings. I am pleased that we in the General Assembly stood together with members of both sides of the aisle to protect our citizens and families who have been the victims of crime.” – Rep. Jordan


Amendment Text


Constitutional amendment to strengthen protections for victims of crime; to establish certain absolute basic rights for victims; and to ensure the enforcement of these rights.