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NC Troopers Association Endorses Rep. Jordan

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Summerfield, North Carolina – The North Carolina Troopers Association announces its official endorsement of legislative candidates in the upcoming November general election.

The NC Troopers Association endorses candidates that have proven themselves to be avid proponents of law enforcement and the North Carolina Troopers. In 2018, legislative members had the option to support an average raise of 8% for North Carolina troopers in Senate Bill 99. Their endorsements are a result of the candidate’s leadership, persistence, and voting record to begin the process to advance the salaries of North Carolina troopers.

“On behalf of the North Carolina Troopers Association, we are proud to endorse candidates who have a proven track record of supporting law enforcement and their families,” said Danny Jenkins, President of the North Carolina Troopers Association. “For decades, trooper’s salaries have been stagnant while they sacrifice to serve and protect. The men and women in uniform consistently put their lives on the line to protect North Carolinians. We are grateful for the legislative members who fought, voted and successfully began the process to provide troopers with an equitable salary that they so much deserve.”

“We are confident these candidates are the best choices to continue the Associations efforts to protect and provide for those who serve. Our troopers, along with all law enforcement professionals in the state, deserve the same level of support and dedication from their elected officials, as they give. Because these individuals have shown they have the backs of those who protect our citizens, we proudly support their candidacy.”

NFIB Endorses Rep. Jordan

CONTACT: Todd Pack (NFIB0, 615-872-5897

Small Business Endorses Jonathan Jordan in District 93 Race

RALEIGH, September 27, 2018-The NFIB North Carolina PAC has endorsed Jonathan Jordan in the 93rd District House race. The political action committee is comprised exclusively of NFIB members.

“Jonathan Jordan is the clear choice for small business,” NFIB State Director Gregg Thompson said.

“Small business is the engine that drives North Carolina’s economy,” Thompson said. “Jonathan Jordan understands the challenges facing small businesses and will do everything possible to help them grow and create jobs.”

The NFIB North Carolina PAC’s endorsement is critical to the Jordan campaign. Small-business owners and their employees vote in high numbers and are known for actively recruiting friends, family members and acquaintances to go to the polls. The PAC’s support is based on the candidates’ positions and records on small business issues.

NFIB is the nation’s leading small-business association. To learn more about NFIB in North Carolina, visit and follow @NFIB_NC on Twitter.