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2017 Legislative Overview

House Bill 608 – Family/Child Protection and Accountability Act. Representative Jordan, Chairman of the House Homelessness, Foster Care and Dependency Committee, along with House Rules Chairman Lewis, Speaker Pro Tempore Stevens, Senior Appropriations Chairman Dollar introduced House Bill 608 the Family/Child Protection and Accountability Act.

The current child welfare system is insufficient and cannot meet its responsibilities because there is no consistent model of care across a fragmented system of 100 county social services agencies, complicating state oversight.

House Bill 39 – Amend Appointments/UNC Bd of Governors. The North Carolina House of Representatives passed House Bill 39, a bill spearheaded by Representative Jordan, to improve the state’s higher education system by streamlining the UNC Board of Governors’ oversight of services for students and faculty.

Jonathan C Jordan 2017 Legislative Bill Update

Notable House Bills and Recent Updates:

North Carolina’s Teacher Salaries Rising Faster than Any State Since 2014. North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore noted that North Carolina’s teacher income is rising faster than any state in the country since 2014, according to available data.

Over the combined period of 2014, 2015 and 2016 budget years, North Carolina gave the largest percentage salary increase to teachers in the United States, according to the data currently available.

House Bill 450 – Future Ready Student Act. The legislation allows high school students to receive academic credit for pursuing career certifications and/or credentials required by either an industry or the state. Currently, high school students can only receive academic credit towards a career technical education certificate or diploma.

House Bill 243 – Strengthen Opioid Misuse Prevention (STOP Act). Key provisions of the STOP Act require prescribers to check the Controlled Substance Reporting System (CSRS), limit the initial quantity of opioid prescriptions for acute pain, and reduce the diversion of drugs by tightening oversight of supervising prescribers.

Senate Bill 131 – Regulatory Reform Act of 2016-17. Among other deregulation, SB 131 would streamline mortgage notice requirements, allow agencies to fulfill public records requests online, eliminate redundant reports from North Carolina’s bureaucracy, exempt basic landscaping materials from stringent stormwater control regulations and seek flexibility for the state from excessive stream mitigation requirements.

North Carolina House Elects Six Members to UNC Board of Governors.

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Jordan Reapplies for NC House District 93 –Ashe/Watauga Counties

A Proud Record of Service to the High Country

JEFFERSON, NC: On Tuesday, February 20, 2018 Republican Jonathan C. Jordan filed his application for a fifth term as the NC House Representative for District 93, which includes all of Ashe and Watauga Counties.

A local attorney, Jordan has been a strong advocate for all the citizens of the district during his time in office. During this past session he served as Chair of House Judiciary III Committee, Chair of the House Committee on Education – Universities, and Chair of the House Committee on Homelessness, Foster Care, and Dependency. He was also named by the Speaker of the House to serve another term as Chair of the Joint Legislative Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee, which reviews state regulatory rulemaking.

“I am once again reapplying for the job of State Representative for the High Country based on my record, and I am pleased to compare my record to any challenger,” Jordan stated. “For example, I am proud that under our legislative leadership North Carolina has reduced the sales tax, income tax, and corporate tax rates imposed on North Carolina families and businesses, helping propel our state into the top ranks of economic success across the nation.”

“And please don’t believe the perennial negatives thrown at our legislative record regarding education funding: Funding for public education has increased by nearly $2 billion since 2011. Average teacher pay has increased by approximately 13 percent, with starting teachers making more than ever before, and other ranks receiving well-deserved increases and bonuses,” Rep. Jordan stated.

House Speaker Tim Moore strongly supports Rep. Jordan’s re-election bid. “Jonathan Jordan is one of the most dedicated and hardest working members of the House of Representatives. He works tirelessly to improve the lives of the families and small businesses of his district while protecting taxpayers’ hard-earned money,” Speaker Moore stated. “I look forward to his re-election and continuing to work with him to keep our State on the path to prosperity for all.”

During the past Long Session, six bills on which Rep. Jordan was primary sponsor passed into law, with another 12 passing the House and eligible in the Senate this upcoming Short Session. Two of the most important passing into law include H527: Preserve & Restore Campus Free Speech, which will impact Appalachian State University, and H384: Increase Penalties/Organized Retail Theft, which will provide additional protections to all retail job-creators in our community, small and large.

“I have tried to focus on issues that were important to our local area as well as to the state as a whole, and to champion many whose voices arenʼt often heard,” said Rep. Jordan.

Rep. Jordan was recognized as a “2015 Legislative Champion” by the anti-drunk driving group Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), one of only 70 lawmakers nationwide, and only five in North Carolina, working across party lines with current House Democrat Leader Darren Jackson and now Attorney General Josh Stein. “While we cannot prevent every death and injury on our roads and highways, those caused by driving while impaired can be prevented. Our citizens can be safer. Requiring interlocks for all offenders will do something that our current efforts cannot – keep impaired drivers from operating vehicles,” said Rep. Jordan. He was also recognized as a “2013 Legislative Champion” by MADD.

Rep. Jordan has also been recognized for many years by the American Conservative Union (ACU) for his support of the ideals articulated in the US Constitution: limited and transparent government, individual rights, personal responsibility, and a healthy culture. Rep. Jordan has maintained this conservative standing since the ACU first began rating state legislators in 2011.

Finally, Rep. Jordan is well known for his support of law enforcement and small business. He has been endorsed for most of his time in office by the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association (PBA) and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the nationʼs largest alliance of small businesses.

Jordan practices law in the High Country serving our citizens with a primary focus on real estate, wills and trusts, and estate administration. He has also served as a Guardian ad Litem Attorney Advocate, representing abused and neglected children in Department of Social Services cases. Jordan previously served on the board of the Ashe County Home Builders Association, the Ashe County Free Medical Clinic, the Ashe County Chamber of Commerce, and the Ashe County Pregnancy Care Center. His office is located in Jefferson and his children attend the Ashe County Public Schools.

Rep. Jordan Supports HB37 – April 2017

HB37: Protect Law Enforcement Officers

Edited comments on the House floor, April 27, 2017.

Rep. Jordan of Ashe:

This bill is about our front-line law enforcement officers.

This bill is designed to provide some protection for our front-line officers who are out there everyday protecting us, looking for crimes, catching the bad guys, but if they see something wrong and speak up, they could actually be fired – for speaking up against what is wrong.

Not in every place, and that is good, because there are locations with binding ordinances in place, but that speaks directly to why we need the bill. We need to replace the current piecemeal system with a statewide policy to give some basic protections to those officers who speak up against corruption.

That is what this bill is, a straightforward, common-sense way to give our front-line officers some basic protections when otherwise not offered.

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Rep. Jordan Supports Middle Fork Greenway

October 27 ,2016

Scott Fogelman
Town Manager
Town of Blowing Rock
P.O. Box 47
Blowing Rock, NC 28605

Dear Scott:

It is my pleasure to provide this letter supporting the Town of Blowing Rock’s application for an EFLAP grant to finance section 1 of the Middle Fork Greenway.

I am a supporter of the Middle Fork Greenway, recognizing the multiple benefits of having a greenway that connects the Towns of Blowing Rock and Boone and the Blue Ridge Parkway: increased tourism, reputation enhancement in the outdoor recreation area; health and quality of life benefits for both residents and visitors, specifically traffic mitigation and safety among others.

If I can be of further assistance, please contact my office.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Jordan
NC State Representative, 93rd District

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