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Gaming Rings
Pick the correct ring(s) when given the game that it represents.
Missing Word
Missing Word: Harry Potter Incantations
Can you find the missing word that makes the magic complete?
Draw Gryffindor
Can you answer these questions to draw a picture of the Gryffindor symbol?
Just For Fun
Guess Who?: Harry Potter
Can you figure out which character has been picked? (See how to play)
Harry Potter Meaningless Moments
Can you answer these Meaningless Moments from Harry Potter?
Aragorn, Aragog, or Eragon?
Why don't all three of them move to Oregon?
Six Sixes in Sixty: Harry Potter
Can you pick six items or characters in six Harry Potter categories in sixty seconds?
Acrostic Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets
Can you fill in the answers to this Harry Potter themed acrostic puzzle that follows the story of The Chamber of Secrets?
Wordle-able Harry Potter Characters
Can you pick only the pictures of Harry Potter characters whose *first names* are playable words in Wordle (five-letters long)?
Famous First Words in Literature II
These are the first words spoken by characters in well-known literary works. Can you name each character?
Literary Travelling: Harry Potter Countries by Hint
Name the countries that Harry Potter characters/things have travelled to or from, by hint? .
Harry Potter Teachers by Obscure Clue
Name the Harry Potter Teachers by Obscure Clue.
Quick Pick
Quick Pick: Harry Potter Spells 'T'
Pick the Harry Potter spells that begin with T.
Seconds, Anyone?: Movie Franchises
When given the the title of the first film in a franchise, can you select the second film**?
Missing Word
Missing Word: Emma Watson Movies
Name the missing words from these Emma Watson movies.
'Mix-A-Quote' : Harry Potter Part 1
Can you find the right Harry Potter character First and Last Name combinaison who inspired these invented quotes?
Books Published in July
Pick the Books Published in July.
Harry Potter Wizarding Schools on the Map
Name the featured Wizarding Schools on the map.
Weasley Family Clock
Name the eight known possible locations mentioned throughout the Harry Potter series that are on the Weasley's Family Clock.
Harry Potter Films by Director
Pick the Harry Potter films when given their directors.
On a First Name Basis (Authors)
Pick the first name of each when given the remainder of the name and a written work.
Harry Potter Films by Wizarding Photos LXV
Pick the correct Harry Potter film title, when given a Wizarding Photo (GIF) from each.
Growing Wordle Blitz: Harry Potter
Can you quickly fill the grid with Harry Potter-related words in growing length, with hints given based on the game Wordle?
Image Blitz Pick: Marauders
Pick the correct Harry Potter character when given their name.
Movie Find-It: Harry Potter Characters
Among the movie titles in the posters, can you find the missing name of the Harry Potter characters?
Get The Picture: Not All Characters Like Harry Potter
Can you tell who doesn't like Harry Potter by their quote?
Get the Picture: Premier League or Quidditch Nickname?
Can you decide whether each nickname refers to an all-time English Premier League team or a Quidditch team, from Harry Potter?
Harry Potter in Every Category (Hard Version)
Can you choose the correct answer for each question about Harry Potter (One for Each Category), in this quiz designed to be somewhat difficult?
Movie Rings
Pick the correct ring when given the movie(s) that it represents.
Literature Subcategory 'Y'
Can you answer a question for each Sporcle Literature Subcategory where every answer starts with 'y'?
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