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Word Ladder
Word Ladder: German Colors
Can you fill in the 4-letter words in this word ladder featuring German colors?
Nation Creation: Germany
These are the political, social, and economic times and places that created the Germany.
A-Z Languages 2
More languages - Alpha - Omega
Empires by Language: Austria-Hungary
Name the languages of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as detailed by the number of speakers in the census of 1910.
Quick Pick
Quick Pick: 'Hydrogen' in 12 Languages
Pick the word for 'hydrogen' in the following languages.
5-Star Colors by Language
You'll definitely find some colorful language in this quiz.
Fun with Literal German Animal Names 1
Have fun by picking the proper English animal names based on their literally translated German counterparts (1)
German Cities Spelling Bee
Can you only pick the correctly spelled German cities without a mistake?
'G' Languages by Word
Here is the word 'Word' in five different languages beginning with G. Can you pick which word goes with which language?
Movie Stars Born in Germany
Pick the film that features the actor or actress who was born in Germany.
Literature Nobel Laureates by Language
When will they start awarding the Nobel Prize for Excellence in Trivia?
German Sports Cars of 2000s
Can you click the correct German sports car of the 2000s to match each description?
All about... Berlin
Pick the right image about culture and traditions of Berlin.
Germany by Nearest Large City
Can you click the region of Germany where each prompted top 20 city is nearest?
Language by Cookie
It's simultaneously educational and delicious.
Quick Pick
Quick Pick: 'Oxygen' in 12 Languages
Pick the word for 'oxygen' in the following languages.
Eight Language Months Blitz
Impress your teachers by trying to learn all eight of these languages in one calendar year!
German Language Movies
Name these well known German language movies.
German Brewery or German Chancellor?
Is each of these the name of a German brewery (B) or the name of a German Chancellor (C)?
Two With A Clue: Language
Hey you ... it's twenty-six with a clue or two.
Well Known Movie Titles by their German Counterparts
Pick the original (english) film titles of this well known movies by their German counterparts (be amazed about some weird differences) .
German Mini-Crossword
Complete this crossword by translating the clues into commonly-used German words.
Germany in the 20th Century
Can you choose the facts about Germany in the 20th Century?
Quick Pick
Quick Pick: Populous Cities of Germany
Can you quickly pick the 10 most populous cities of Germany?
Get the Picture: Germany Divided
After World War II, Germany was split into four sectors, run by France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Given German cities, can you pick the sector in which the city was located?
Quick Pick: Beauty not Beast
Seek your inner beauty.
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