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Disney Song by Long Words
Name the Disney Song by the Long Words it Contains.
Badly Drawn Toy Story Characters
Name the Badly Drawn characters from the Toy Story franchise.
Disney Princess to Fan Art Match
Match the fan-made Disney Princess 'real life' portrait made with Artbreeder to the character as seen in their animated movies.
Old Disney
Can you answer these questions about Walt Disney's earliest works?
A-Z Characters: Disney/Pixar Villains
The villain is always the best part of any Disney/Pixar movie.
IMDb Ratings: Disney Live-Action Remakes
Can you choose which Disney Live-Action remakes have the best IMDb ratings?
Ray Liotta Memes Movies
Can you identify the movies referenced in this famous meme featuring Ray Liotta from 'Goodfellas'?
Doctor or Professor
Do you know if these fictional characters are known as Doctors or Professors?
Click a Camilo Madrigal
Can you click on the pictures containing Camilo Madrigal from Encanto while he's in disguise?
Badly Drawn Pinocchio Characters
Name the Badly Drawn Disney's Pinocchio Characters.
Just For Fun
All Around Walt Disney World
Can you choose the correct park?
Acrostic: Catchphrases
Complete the Acrostic grid quiz by entering a fictional character when given their catchphrase/phrase they are well known for saying.
Sing to Create: Reflection
Can you type the lyrics to Reflection to create a scene from Mulan?
Pixar Voice Actor Match: Lightyear
Match the Lightyear character with their voice actor.
'C' in Animation
How many of these animated things have you 'C'-een?
Quick Pick
Quick Pick: 2010s Disney
Pick the Disney animated classics released from 2010 to 2019.
Just For Fun
5 to 1: Fictional Cats
Match the fictional cats to each category.
Clickable Disneyland Paris Map
Pick the lands of Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris.
Word Ladder: Disney Heroines
Fill in this word ladder featuring female leads from Disney animated movies.
Samuel L. Jackson Venn Diagram
Can you click the correct sections of this venn diagram featuring Samuel L. Jackson characters?
Badly Drawn Disney Princesses
Name the Disney princesses that have been badly drawn.
Movie Posters Featuring Cats
Name these movies, which feature fuzzy felines on their posters.
Get the Picture: Superhero by TV Channel Debut
Can you choose the tv channel each superhero(s) debut on?
Movies Missing Compound Words
Pick the correct compound word to complete these movie titles.
Seconds, Anyone?: Movie Franchises
When given the the title of the first film in a franchise, can you select the second film**?
Just For Fun
Get the Picture: Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi Characters
Can you correctly identify which character from the Disney+ live-action Star Wars series Obi-Wan Kenobi fits each clue?
Fade Out Blitz: Pixar Characters
Name the assorted characters from Pixar movies who are displayed below, with each correct answer making the remaining answers harder to see.
'Disney' by First Letters
Pick the correct missing letter from the letters in the ‘Disney' subcategory.
Movie by Falling Scene
Name the Movie by the Scene that has folks taking intentional and not-so-intentional Free Falls.
Mixed up Movie Posters - Disney
Name the Disney movie from a poster without being distracted by the misleading title added.
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