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African Flag Kits
Pick the correct country of Africa when provided with a list of components required to make their flag.
A Dozen Sea Cliffs
There are 12 sea cliffs, but many more meters of vertical drops.
15 Flags, 15 Capitals I
Match the given capital to the flag of its country.
Taiwan's Native Animals
Pick the animals native to the country of Taiwan.
One Deadly Decoy: Geography II
Nine of the ten choices fit the criteria question presented after you hit Play. One is a decoy that will end the quiz if clicked! Quickly click the nine correct answers and avoid the deadly decoy!
Oversimplified Maps: Asia
Can you find the countries on the oversimplified map of Asia?
North and South Countries
Name the Countries that have North or South in their names.
Oceanian Cities: Real or Fake
All of these cities are real if you believe hard enough.
Language Games With Country Names 41: ± A-B-C
Can You Name The Countries That Either Have All Three Or None Of The Letters A, B and C In Their Names?
Regional Cities Sorting: East Africa
Pick the cities located in each of the East African countries.
UEFA Euro 2020 Geography
Name the countries and capitals of the countries who participate in the UEFA Euro 2020.
Correctly Located Animals III
Can you click only the animals who can be found in the wild in the country listed on their image, while avoiding the decoys?
Last Letter US State Capitals
Aren't the first letters are the ones that are supposed to be capitals?
Word Cloud Click: Continents by Country
Can you make out the continents through the clouds?
European Countries with over 10M population minefield
Pick the European Countries with over 10M population minefield.
Get the Picture
Get the Picture: Borneo Nations
Can you choose whether each fact pertains to Indonesia, Malaysia or Brunei?
Complete the Country with a 3-Letter Definition
It's like English class and geography class in one.
Clickable Country Anagrams II
Pick the anagram of a country based on an image of said country's flag (again).
Find the Vowel-less Countries of Asia
Fun fact: You can see these vowels from space.
Modern Countries of Alexander the Great's Empire
Okay, but even Alexander the Great probably had terrible, no good, very bad days occasionally.
Wrong Colors: Flags of Europe
Some of these flags are a bit out of the blue.
Big 4 MVP Countries
For four leagues centered in the US and Canada, this is quite a few countries!
Wordsearch: Countries of Europe
Can you find the given countries of Europe in this Word Search Grid? The words must be found in order!
20th Century Figures by Country
Can you pick five 20th century history figures who were born in each country?
Anything But Oceanian Capitals
Capital or not, feel free to relax on the beach while playing.
Euro Crossword
Can you fill in this American-style crossword with a non-American theme?
Fun Fact Missing Two Countries X
Pick the two countries missing from the given fact? (Some fun, some serious and worth remembering).
I Don't Border That Flag! (Asia)
Can you choose the flag of a country that doesn't border the given Asian country?
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